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We offer a sound, experienced and realistic approach to family and de facto law matters. Our very considerable experience in this area of law combined with a compassionate understanding of the emotional complexities of matrimonial and de facto disputes is there to guide you.  We have a very good understanding of what our clients are seeking as they go through and move on from what is often a very difficult and stressful time in their lives.

Family Law and De facto Law Service Areas:

  • Divorce and separation;
  • De facto Relationships
  • Financial Matters/Property Settlement both complex and less complex;
  • Financial Agreements, called Binding Financial Agreements including Pre nuptial, Nuptial, Post Nuptial Agreements, Pre Cohabitation Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements and Termination (Post Cohabitation) Agreements;
  • Estate and Will Planning and Asset Protection as relates to family law and de facto arrangements;
  • Spousal Maintenance;
  • Superannuation splitting including Self Managed Super Funds;
  • Matters involving company structures, discretionary, fixed trusts and/or hidden assets;
  • Child Support and Child Maintenance;
  • AVOs and ADVO’s;
  • Children’s matters/ Parenting matters;
  • Parenting Orders and Agreements;
  • Grandparents/significant person rights;
  • Regarding children’s Living Arrangements i.e. concerning where the children live?;
  • Spending time with the other parent or other significant person rights;
  • Shared Care;
  • Contravention matters;
  • Adoptions;
  • Passport Applications;
  • Airport Watch List Applications;
  • Change of Name Applications;
  • Enforcement matters;

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I remain extremely grateful for Maloufs legal representation related to my financial management of the estate of my brother and for your continuing help and advice in this matter. As an aside, I always recommend Maloufs to my friends and family members who are seeking the best legal representation - only last week, I strongly advised a close family friend that their best interests would be served by arranging an appointment at your Parramatta offices.
John of Parramatta NSW

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