How to protect yourself from public liability

Published 02 Nov 2017

Business owners have many different issues to worry about on a day-to-day basis, and one is public liability. As nice as it would be to not have to think about what might happen if someone were to get injured on your property, it's something all business owners in NSW must be aware of and prepared for.

Public liability cases can crop up out of seemingly nowhere and, without the proper legal advice, can easily lead to a costly court case. Let's look at the definition of public liability and what business owners can do to protect themselves.

What exactly is public liability?

Public liability means that you (as a company) are responsible for any injury or damage that occurs on your property or to a third party carrying out your business. As you can imagine, this opens companies up to a whole host of potential issues, varying from the tragic death of a customer to an insignificant scratch on a client's car. For this reason, most companies that have any amount of public interaction take the following two steps to protect themselves against a case.

1. Keep the property up to safety standards

If there are any areas of your company's property that pose safety risks (for employees or customers), it makes sense to deal with those as quickly as possible. For example, loose bricks on a pathway, low-hanging objects or dangerous tools lying around are all issues that could open you up to a public liability case.

2. Invest in public liability insurance

As a business, it's prudent to have public liability insurance - without it, a customer's seemingly harmless slip on company property could potentially lead to bankruptcy. There are a number of different options for public liability insurance in NSW, so check out the various packages to see what best suits your business.

If for whatever reason you've found yourself in the midst of a public liability dispute, it's important for you to immediately seek the help of a Parramatta commercial lawyer - especially if you don't already have insurance. With the guidance of a legal specialist, you can make the best case to protect your business. Reach out to Malouf Solicitors today for more information.

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