Tips for making co-parenting work

Published 07 Mar 2017

For many parents, the idea of having to share their children is far from appealing. However, when it comes to separation or divorce, it is often a necessary evil. Although the situation is far from ideal and can understandably cause a certain amount of anxiety for both the parents and children involved, it's possible to make co-parenting arrangements work smoothly by following these tips, as well as getting help from a trustworthy family lawyer along the way.

1. Set aside your own feelings

A relationship breakdown can sometimes feel like an ongoing battle for your interests. In the emotionally charged time of settling your affairs and dividing up property, it's easy to fall into the trap of letting your personal feelings shape your actions. However when it comes to your children, it's essential that you set your own feelings aside. Whether it's intentional or not, children often get caught up in the struggle following a split, with the parents using them as leverage. Rather than let this happen, separate yourself and view it as a business transaction - this will allow you to act objectively and make the change as straightforward as possible.

2. Focus on what's best for your child

Similarly, successful co-parenting revolves primarily around the best interests of the children involved, so it's essential that both of you keep this at the forefront of your negotiations. Regardless of how you feel about your ex-partner, they remain your child's parent, and the two have a right to have a relationship. Rather than trying to keep your ex away from your child, it's usually best to be amiable and work with them to come up with a arrangement that will be the most beneficial for your child. If the circumstances of the relationship breakdown makes collaboration difficult, a mediator or legal professional may be able to help you settle out of the family law court.

3. Have a clear plan in place

One of the most important steps for good co-parenting is to establish a parenting plan as soon as possible. This will lay out the expectations each parent has for the other and help prevent conflict later down the track if one parent fails to meet their end of the bargain. 

Whether you need help making parenting arrangements or to enforce a parenting order, the specialist lawyers at Malouf Solicitors will be able to help you co-parent successfully and protect your child in the process.

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